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ReqFile Check website

One of the issues developing in Python is keeping a track of security updates of dependencies, such as libraries. While I could subsrcibe to every mailing list and check all the websites regularly, that is a lot of work. 

Most packages in the Python environment are released on PyPI, also known as the Cheese Shop. This site lists over 33,000 packages. Handily, PyPI provides a API to query what …

Classie launched

Begg Digital is proud to annouce that Classie has launched.

Classie (www.getclassie.com) is a dance studio management web application. It makes taking attendance simple and saves money sending notcies. The app is designed to work on mobile phones, tablets and desktop browsers so it can be used anywhere, avoiding pieces of paper and entering data later.

Begg Digital manages the hosting for Classie. Lee, owner of Begg Digital, is also …

International Space Apps Challenge 2013

This weekend I took part in the International Space App Challenge. It is an event (not too dissimilar from Startup Weekend) where teams come together to solve challeges relating to space. the challenge range from hardware to software and visualisation and chicken farms to Mars.

I undertook the bootstrapping lunar industry challenge, also known as #Moonville for being a game for planning how to get private industry on the …

Open and Free Internet

The last week has been an interesting nexus of Open and Free.

On Saturday I attended the Firefox OS App day in Wellington. I had heard about Firefox OS some time ago under its project name Boot2Geeko (b2g). At the time I had thought that it was an intriguing idea, but wouldn't be very powerful. I was certainly wrong. Firefox OS is fairly mature and looking like it will be …