ReqFile Check website

One of the issues developing in Python is keeping a track of security updates of dependencies, such as libraries. While I could subsrcibe to every mailing list and check all the websites regularly, that is a lot of work. 

Most packages in the Python environment are released on PyPI, also known as the Cheese Shop. This site lists over 33,000 packages. Handily, PyPI provides a API to query what packages are available and what versions of the packages are there. It doesn't, however, let you know when a package important to you it updated.

So I created ReqFile Check (warning, self-signed certificate). I created this website to track what package I'm using and send me an email alert when one is updated. Today it helpfully told me there was an update to South, and checking the website for South shows that it fixes a bug I had encounted.

Login is with Mozilla Persona, just like MoonBizGame. It fits this really well as we can use the email address the user logs in as to send the alert emails.

The other Python Development support site I run py3progress gets updated occasionally, about once a month. I announce updates on Twitter, so follow @BeggDigital for updates.